MARX CryptoTech PPK

MARX CryptoTech PPK 5.73

This Protection Kit was created especially for you to secure your data
5.73 (See all)

MARX CryptoTech is pleased to introduce the latest member of its CRYPTO-BOX family. The CRYPTO-BOX® SC brings unprecedented features and style into the hands of the user.


-State-of-the-art SmartCard technology, which conforms with the Common Criteria EAL4 Certification SmartCard Chip inside - for maximum security
-Based on the Atmel AT90 microcontroller series
-RSA up to 2048 bit implemented in hardware - for safe authentication, safe updates, etc.
-Secure firmware updates via Internet/Email: customers stay current with the CRYPTO-BOX® SC at all times, in a secure way
-Fully backward compatible to the CRYPTO-BOX USB Versa and XS
-Probably the fastest USB Token on the market: access to the internal, protected memory is 20-40X faster than for the existing CRYPTO-BOX USB!)

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